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About Marvin

He was born and raised in New Jersey. Growing up Marvin had all the things a kid could want from a mother and grandmother.

His passion as a young kid was playing baseball. Marvin dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player to move his grandmother and mother into a big house. He also wanted to give his relatives the good life like movie stars. As Marvin became older his dream was the same but because of the influences around him the dream became smaller and smaller. The corner with friends became more of the normal routine for Marvin, but as friends started to go to jail, Marvin opted for the military and joined the US Army.

Once he came back home after serving in the Army, Marvin had a little daughter. He knew he had to find a way to take care of her because he didn't want to be an absentee father. In 1992 Marvin's grandmother overheard Marvin tell his friend the police department was taking applications. Grandma told Marvin to take the test and that was the last thing on Marvin's mind. Nonetheless he listened to her and took the test. Grandma passed away in June 1993 and close to her 1yr anniversary the police dept. notified Marvin that he was hired if he still wanted the job. Marvin began his law enforcement career in August 1994.

Prior to becoming a police officer the most money Marvin Sykes ever made was on tax returns. To receive $1,300 on a tax return was big money to Marvin prior to becoming a police officer. Once he started his law enforcement career his by-weekly pay was like receiving a tax return every two weeks. Marvin felt he made it with this good government job. Marvin started spending out of control over the years. It would prove costly later. To combat all his spending Marvin took on numerous extra jobs and overtime at work to pay bill every 30 days. Marvin realized he was still broke, but on a higher level. At this point something had to be done because work was not cutting it alone.

Marvin Sykes always was an entrepreneur at heart and wanted his own business. But most businesses required large down payments to invest. Then Marvin heard of network marketing direct sales. This is where you have an opportunity to build a business within a business. Over the years Marvin tried six or seven different businesses and failed at all of them. While he was trying different business debt was growing at an alarming rate. Because Marvin was not use to credit or the salary of his job, he went through it pretty quickly. Marvin states I never really saved because I was going to get a pension when I retire. So in 2008 when all the credit card companies jacked up their interest rates Marvin had more going out then he had coming in. The timing of the rates going up along with Marvin being upside down in his house was crucial to the family's survival.

June 2008 Marvin decided to try network marketing one more time. He walked into a Barnes and Noble and picked a magazine and took it home. Once home one of the leaders in the magazine called Marvin back. This gentleman mentored Marvin and taught him the business of network marketing. Marvin was in foreclosure and facing bankruptcy at the time his mentor took over changing Marvin┬┐s life. Marvin's wife was skeptical about Marvin starting yet another business. She was supportive but didn't believe he would succeed. Marvin started to follow the process of the business plan. His business picked up. Many people were having success in the business. Marvin Sykes started to rise in the company. Marvin made the National Director All Star team numerous times, was also a top 10 representative in the company. Success started to come based on a choice to succeed.

Marvin Sykes eventually hit the position of Senior Vice president in his current company. He received stock options in the company and went on an all expenses paid trip to Europe on a 6 day cruise from Spain to France & Italy. The BMW I received for hitting SVP is a dream come true. One of the biggest excitements Marvin Sykes had was taking his wife to the Dominican Republic for her birthday in Dec 2011. Mrs. Sykes has never been to a warm climate to celebrate her birthday in her life. We owe that to this opportunity.

Even More about Marvin Sykes
"Marvin Sykes"

Marvin & April In D.R.

While still working his full time job as a police detective Marvin Sykes started to work his business. Within three years Marvin was making more part time with his business then he was making full time at his police department.. While in Italy Mrs. Sykes told Marvin THANK YOU. Had you not fought for our family, life would still be just below normal, now we are above normal. Life has truly changed for the Sykes Family. Now Marvin is waiting on those he can share his knowledge with to help them change their situation. Marvin says, GIVE ME 3 TO 5 YRS AND YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR LIFE FINANCIALLY. That is what Marvin's mentor Dwayne Johnson told him in June of 2008 and it came true.

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